For years, ICB Academy has been looking for ways to properly standardize training centers. And she has made remarkable progress in this field, constantly updating her knowledge; she examines environmental standards and scientific equipment in educational institutions. In order to achieve their goals, comprehensive headlines are reviewed annually according to standard provisions, and these headlines are made public to various educational centers; In addition, a placement test is conducted with the aim of knowing what the quality level of the training centers of ICB is. This level will eventually be reviewed in accordance with the ICB standards and by faculty members of the ICB Academy to maintain the quality of their education.

The urgent and necessary need of every student is to demonstrate that they have the necessary specialist knowledge and training in their field to be able to provide a credible certificate of employment or obtain an operating license, or even to immigrate abroad to avoid unemployment or unemployment save social dangers and secure a better future for yourself; so he has additional motivation and hope to achieve his goals.

This ability to have credible and verifiable credentials online around the world to prove expertise is the first step in having a job and starting an independent life. ICB Academy has made it possible for you to give appropriate explanations on these topics during consultations.